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Minding the Gap

The Center for the Art and Science of Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship is an adaptive leadership team focused on fostering divergent thinking, championing non-consensus ideas, leveraging research and expertise in order to transform traditional “sit and get” education to more engaging and meaningful forms.  The Center exists to help us “mind the gap” between these two ends of the spectrum, to help teachers and students move from where they are to where we want them to be.  While the ideation and prototyping often happens in a unique and amazing space on the 4th floor of the new PDS Academic Building, know The Center is less about place and more about people.  The Center is our innovation engine–powered by everyone at Providence Day School and on display everywhere.  The Center is vital to catalyzing and sustaining a culture of innovative teaching and learning at PDS.

Simply put… the Center exists to inspire and support a continuing commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.