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Featured Teaching and Learning Transformations & Innovations

  1. Global Symposium (Transformation of existing US GSD program)
  2. Learning Design Crash Course (Innovation-open to all divisions)
  3. Redesigned US Biology Curriculum (Transformation of traditional US Biology course)
  4. 6th & 7th Grade Capstone work
  5. Bruns Academy / Providence Day School 8th Grade Leadership Collaborative (Transformation of last year’s intial partnership into leadership program)
  6. Diversity Team Retreats (Team building for school-wide program)
  7. MS Student Life – New Student Orientation (Transformation of existing program)
  8. MS Student Life – MS Retreat (Transformation of MS student life experience-advisee, assembly, etc…
  9. MS Student Life – 7th grade Capstone retreat (Innovation-new program to replace exams this spring)
  10. Compton Conversation (Transformation of the first day of school for US teacher)
  11. Lower School Special Area Classroom Integration Project with TILT



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