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Global Symposium

Date: March 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10
How Might We Question: How might we (students) empower student voice in our schools?
Number of Students Involved: 24
Faculty/Staff Involved: Ryan Welsh & Matt Scully
Misc details: 8 Nigerian students, 8 Danish students, &  8 PDS students

Our Global Symposium invited students from Denmark and Nigeria for a student-centered experience exploring student voice, leadership, and democracy. Students worked through a design process in mixed groups as well as school-oriented groups to develop prototypes and solutions to implement when they returned to their campuses. Students found inspiration for their solutions by learning more about the other schools. For example, the Danish students’ solution proposed a school store like our Providence Day School Store and their plan was to the proceeds to fund service learning projects run by students.

“The design thinking process used during the Global Summit this spring gave our students a wonderful opportunity to engage and problem-solve with PDS students and students from Denmark.  The process brought students together in a way not imaginable, especially when they shared dancing routines. “ -Tomisin Ayoola of Halifield Schools in Lagos, Nigeria, via Dr. Loren Fauchier



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