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MS Student Life Retreat

Date: 4/20/2017
Guiding/inciting Question(s): How might we establish the pillars of the MS experience?
Number of Students Involved: 0 – will impact all of Middle School
Faculty/Staff Involved: Michael Magno; Matt Scully; Kelly Lawler; Lindsay Sugg; Credell Coleman; Mary Elizabeth Coley; Georgette LePage; Lee Tappy; Brian Li;  Ann Parker; Bobby Thompson & Kristin Santo.
(Misc details: Full day retreat at Foundation for the Carolinas)

Michael Magno asked that the Center help him craft a day that would allow his MS Student life team to better understand the current MS experience and what they wish that experience to become. The MS Student Life team identified 5-7 statements that capture the MS experience as it should be and used these statements to shape their work re-designing advisee time. An expanded team of faculty and leadership will meet again prior to August to continue the process of exploring how to best craft our MS students’ daily interactions with advisee, character education, and service learning to support their vision for the middle school experience of the future.

Testimonials (from Team members):

  • “MS Student Life retreat was a great day…. We were able to establish the pillars of the middle school experience, Fun, student-centered, lifeworthy skills, whole child, and creative/dynamic….I checked in with several attendees today and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, the only thing that I would have wished would be to have more time.” – Michael Magno



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