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NAIS People of Color Conference -Innovation Kitchen

At the end of November, the PDS Center had the chance to participate in the NAIS People of Color Conference.  In particular, we got to spend time with the NAIS innovation team in their Innovation Kitchen.  Providence Day School was one of six schools to be highlighted in the kitchen for innovations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The PDS 8th grade middle school collaboration with Bruns Academy served as the example illustrated using the Innovation Kitchen’s Magnetic Mountain.

The PDS Center wanted to design an interaction for anyone coming through the Kitchen to read our poster in order to more meaningfully connect with the conference participants.  To that end, we crafted a MabLib to help people understand how we find questions to help us look at old challenges and opportunities in new ways.  Here are some of highlights from the dozens of questions we got to generate during our time in the Kitchen:

  • How might we actively engaged more meaningfully with African-American male students in order to excited and rethink new skills?
  • How might we unite more meaningfully with people of color in order to spread and rethink new approaches to diversity issues?
  • How might we pitch more meaningfully with mixed-race students in order to build momentum and rethink new communities?
  • How might we manifest more meaningfully with middle school students in order to innovate and rethink new student leaders?
  • How might we activate more meaningfully with cam leaders in order to run and rethink new global possibilities in our lower school?

We appreciate the opportunity to connect with some many people and share so many amazing questions.  Even better, we are delighted by the possibility of continuing to pursue some these inquires with our newest partners.



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