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These are the days of the week…

In the coming school year, we aim to start and sustain dialogue around innovation and creating meaningful change with our students through teaching and learning.  This blog will be a different sort of tool this year.  We will continue to report on our work and the work of our school community.  Additionally, we will use this space to do the starting and sustaining we mentioned above.  Here are some ideas we have for more regular segments:

  • Maybe Mondays
  • Test it Tuesdays
  • What if Wednesdays
  • Think about it Thursdays
  • Fashion it Fridays

Ultimately, we believe the most valuable innovations we can engender will not be about tech or an independent school gimmick-trend.  We believe the most valuable innovations will be the new ideas and attitudes and mindsets people might discover and explore and deploy within and for themselves if we ask authentic questions and provide meaningful support.  That support begins and ends with empathy and curiosity.

Pursuing one of my curiosities, I (Ryan) recently finished an experiment in online learning to help grow my skills and increase the impact of the Center’s efforts.  One of my final projects was a video about innovation.  Let us know if you want to chat about the video or anything else on any day of the week.



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