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Teacher TV

I have been watching two competitive reality tv shows lately.  My family enjoys America’s Got Talent (shout out to Shin Lim), and I have been watching Making It with my two sons.    I have a separate post about Making It, but this week I have been wondering about the following “what if…” (forgive the “what if…” on a Thursday):

What if there were a competitive reality tv show where teacher’s competed to demonstrate superlative teaching and learning?

What would that show look like?  How would it work?  What is it about teaching and learning that makes it difficult (for me at least) to imagine this kind of show?  As a learning experience designer, I wonder about how I would audition for the show.  How would I respond to challenges that took me outside my content expertise?  How would I measure my success on the show beyond whatever metrics the show provided?  Who would I take with me if the competition allowed for team’s of teachers?  Which students would I put on my roster if I could bring a team of students with me?  I am not saying this competition show is a good idea.  Yet, I am surprised at how much I like the questions this provocation is bringing to mind.

Competitive fort-building.



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