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How might we invite…

Tomorrow, the PDS Center will host an after school special event.  We will be giving Tk to 12 faculty the chance to show and share and shape their Meaningful Faculty Evaluation (MFE) goals together.  We are curious about how faculty use this tool as an element of goal-setting for their professional development.  We wonder how we might share these goals and the ways we use the tool to amplify one another’s efforts.  We wonder what kind of after school snacks people like best for working with their friends.  We wonder what would happen if we showed and shared and shaped something together as colleagues every Thursday.

How might we invite all faculty into ongoing conversations about teaching and learning?  How might we grow life-long learners by being life-long learners together each week?  How might we find just the right snacks to go with these questions?

If you cannot join us on a given Thursday, please let us know.  We will bring snacks and innovation directly to you.


This week (9/27) is MFEs.  Next week (10/4) is comment and narrative writing.  Here’s a video ad for next Thursday’s after school special.



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