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Curve Stories (Issue #1)

The PDS Center spends a good deal of time thinking about and working on the ways we craft and share stories.  Storytelling is a big part of our design work.  Storytelling infuses all of the teaching and learning we share.  Storytelling helps us to connect with other people.  Storytelling helps us to better understand ourselves and our partners.

We do all kinds of storytelling and work hard at exploring news modes and metaphors.  We believe in mixed methods storytelling where we offer quantitative and qualitative context.  This week wanted to share a fragment of the Curve story from a more strictly quantitative vantage point.  Below, we offer the Curve “By the Numbers” for the first semester of use.  We continue to marvel as this data and still wonder what sense and stories we can give rise to based on these numbers.

The Curve – Spring Semester 2018



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