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What If Wednesday (Homecoming Edition)

Curve Stories will pick up again next week with an exclusive story about a design project that launched in the Curve recently.

Until then, PDS is celebrating all week leading up to our homecoming weekend.  Students and adults have been dressing up thematically each day.  There is an all-school pep rally on Friday.  A football game.  A footrace.  Even a dunk tank.  Members of the community, past and present, will connect and reconnect with all of these traditions and activities in order to remember and reinforce why we care about each other and the school we love.

What if coming home to PDS was the first move people made when they wanted to learn something new?  How might we inspire lifelong learning by learning together as one big community for a lifetime?

We exist to inspire.  Every time I meet a new parent in our community or a former student returns, I marvel at the quantity of quality people Providence Day School attracts every day.  I wonder how we keep those people coming home to share their best while also helping them to pursue their future best.



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