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Curve Stories (Issue #3)

Tomorrow (Thursday, November 15th), the PDS Center will host an after school event in support of faculty self-care and general wellness.  The occasion will also serve as grand re-opening of the Curve to share the space with even more people.  We have some campus experts coming to share tips and tricks aimed at helping everyone be more healthy.  We put a flyer in everyone’s mailbox hoping that everyone feels invited.  We also hope the playful fold will be a gentle reminder: Please do not forget to take care of yourself.  Like many schools, our community of educators sometimes works to serve our students while neglecting to take care of ourselves.

We hope this Curve Story  becomes one about how adults in the PDS community take equal interest in developing and growing as people and educators such that we can all be more effective in helping the students in our community grow and develop themselves.

What if we challenged and supported our adults as meaningfully as we challenge and support our students? 




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