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What if Wednesday (on a Thursday)

What if a weekly post suddenly does not arrive as scheduled?  What happens when we start to have expectations about any given habit, routine, and/or ritual?

What if our daily classes did not meet daily?

What if our weekly newsletter did not go out weekly?

What if our monthly meeting did not occur monthly?

What if our annual celebration did not happen annually?

I am not sure if our regularly scheduled happenings are inherently good or bad.  I just wonder how often we allow ourselves to think about frequency.  How often do we think about expanding or contracting the implementation or execution of a given process or product?  I think we should ask this kind question more frequently and wonder about how these question impact teaching and learning.  Maybe the class should meet multiple times in a day.  Perhaps the newsletter needs a different format.  Could the meeting be an outing?  We should definitely celebrate teaching and learning as often as possible.



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