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Curve Stories (Issue #4)

The Curve has had a busy week (and it’s only Wednesday).  We are installing two more Stevens Labs for our World Language program, which meant a number of our World Language instructors have been using the spaces instead of their regularly scheduled rooms.


Pictured above, some of our middle school students held a mock United Nations negotiation session between three countries hashing out agreements around climate change.  Amazing to watch teachers set up conditions and then let students learn.  The Project Studio accommodated the full UN session while the Black Box Learning Lab allowed small groups to work back and forth between large group presentations and small group discussions.


Then some of our sophomore English II students conducted a two day Socratic Seminar thinking through whether Janie Starks is running toward a hopeful future or away from a despairing past.  Students had to prep material from Their Eyes Were Watching God as well as making decisions about how to best set up the room to conduct Seminar.  All three sections had different layouts (pictured above) that leveraged the extra square footage of the Project Studio as well as the flexible furniture.

If that’s not enough, the upper school theater class that regularly meets in the Presentation Zone have continued their work on writing their scripts.  The Graphic Novels juniors and seniors in the Black Box Learning Lab have been hastily preparing to share their learning at next week’s annual ChargerCon (next Tuesday at upper school lunch in the Fine Arts Foyer).

Can’t wait to see what happens on Thursday and Friday.



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