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Think about it…Thursday

What if study hall were a guided, personalized learning course?


This “What if…” comes to us from Adrienne J.  The PDS Center has had the good fortune to engage her in a number of conversations lately as we learn more about the innovation and design she has been bringing to our library.

The question made me wonder about a class named for a space.  I wonder what a redesign of “study hall” would look like.  Or, I wonder what would happen if we designed courses around other spaces (literally or figuratively).  What does the class “Lecture Hall” look like?  Specifically, at PDS, I wonder what the class “The Curve” would entail?

Adrienne’s question sent me thinking about a number of worthwhile possibilities.  New and diverse perspectives have become a more and more prominent fixture of our work at the Center.  Engaging with new ideas and new people continues to yield amazing results.



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