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We strive to be The Center that draws together all who seek to make things better. The Center is anyone who wants to participate, all who want to explore, and anyone needing a partner in crime.

Adrienne Johnson, Community Strategist

Adrienne is our Human in Human Centered Design who strives to keep us focused on the needs of each end user, not just solutions. Adrienne serves as our anthropologist, care giver, and collaborator.  She is also our Lower School Librarian and helps tell the story about our work to mind the gap between who we are and who we strive to be.

MATT SCULLY, Director of Digital Integration & Innovation

Matt is a recovering Technology Director and instructor for the Art & Science of Teaching course. He seeks to use his roles as cross-pollinator, director, hurdler, and set designer to pull together the right super heroes at the right time to seek/build/craft the necessary solutions. He is also driven to learn more about how we might be understand the impact of innovation on learning spaces.

RYAN WELSH PhD, Chief Design Strategist

Ryan builds our design playlists, sparks our imaginations, and stokes our passions. He is our storyteller, collaborator, and experience architect whose background in improv makes him a master of drawing everyone into the action. His unique perspective allows us to create templates for sharing our success like the “into the woods” model.


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